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The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem, located on King George Street, was established in 1982 and serves as a spiritual and religious center, attracting many tourists and visitors from Israel and the world. On the one Hand, the synagogue was designed as an Ashkenazi style of synagogue. On the other hand, the form of seating in the synagogue, which has 2000 seats, is reminiscent of a sphardic synagogue. Thanks to this, the synagogue integrates the cultures of the various communities for the sake of the unity of Israel. 

In the huge prayer hall, which is meticulously designed and remarkably accurate, there are stunning details that the eye can't ignore. Stained glass windows, and especially the large and colorful stained glass window above the ark. The chandeliers, the symbols hanging on the women's section, the seats, the ark and the curtains on it, and even the banquet hall downstairs. They were all designed by world-renowned architects. 

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Planning a wedding? Want a unique and exciting atmosphere? Chuppah and Kiddushin in the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. In a most spectacular structure, which perpetuates and continues the glorious essence of judaism. A place where spirituality and design blend together in perfect harmony. See with the eyes – feel with the soul.

International-Class Wedding

International-class wedding.

Take your event to one level above everyone else!

Planning a wedding? Want a unique and exciting atmosphere?

Chuppah and kiddushin in the great synagogue in Jerusalem, And then a party at the congress center.

An unforgettable event, a rare moment in its beauty and a lifelong experience.

In the magnificent Teddy Hall at the International Congress Center.

Bar Mitzva

The great synagogue in Jerusalem is the ideal place for a bar mitzvah ceremony. The laying of the tefillin and the aliyah to the Torah take place on weekday (on Mondays and Thursdays). And of course the aliyah to the Torah which is held on a Saturday. We will make sure you have the most special bar mitzvah event ,that you will remember for many years. 

Brit Milah

Brit Milah in the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem gives a religious spiritual dimension and a rare and specail character to the event. Remember! It is always better to perform the Brit Milah ceremony in the synagogue thanks to the sanctity of the place.

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Private Events

In the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem any private event can be held. An event in the synagogue brings about a perfect connection between all the guests, religious and secular. Combining profane content with sacred content while giving meaning to the event, creates the perfect atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. Remember! The atmosphere and designs in the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem create a sacred aura for all guests, thus giving them an unforgettable experience.

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